I’m a passionate photographer during daily life and while travelling. At least for my aims, I believe in using both phones as well as professional camera equipment, cause photography is a lot more about skills of seeing, being in dialogue and living the moment than about technology. 

St. Petersburg, Russia (December 2021)

Types of photography I have previously done for organisations like Fridays for Future, the Model European Union Vienna, the Local Conference of Youth/CliMates Austria, and all my previous jobs: 

  • events & demonstrations
  • nature photography, mostly macro photography
  • portraits 
  • street- / city- / travel photography 
Now, I’m concentrating on other areas of my life and am using photography to share moments with closed ones and everyone who cares (you?). 

New photography page coming soon. In the meantime please just explore the Photography archive that will take you from Rome to Warsaw, from New York to Teheran. 

Do you like what you saw? You can reach out to me at and let me know.  

Portraits for Fridays for Future Vienna at one of the first demonstration after their creation, Vienna (December 2018)

Climate demonstration, Vienna (April 2019)