Digital art

I’m a digital artist, drawing on my computer and creating digital landscapes. Here you can find a small selection of the work that means the most to me. There’s still a lot that I want to explore. 

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Names of the paintings (from left to right, up to down): Little suns bridging the deep-sea (2021), Patchwork, Life (2021), No title (2021, a study), Golden Hour (2021), Pattern (2020), Sky – Look at me (2020), Scars (2020), Earth (2020), No title (2020). 

“I think art should make us feel part of something. I want to make art that opens up space and horizons, that shows the non-human or even invisible that we are so connected to…I don’t mind making art that makes us feel small. 

Feeling small offers us the change connect compassion and bravery. I want depth. I want art to fill me with something so deep that I can only understand or fully feel with time. Deep knowledge of myself? I want it to be more than what it has ever been, maybe.”

words about art in front of a special painting

How it all started

Some early works from 2018 and 2019. What do they make you think of?
You can read more about my story on the About page. 

Names of the paintings, from left to right (clockwise): A star is born (2019), Paling Light (2019), Surreal (2019),  A new day (2019), Lost (2019), Depth (2019). Lost – part 2 (2019),  Northern Sky (2019). Below: Out there (2019). 

Let’s be honest, A star is born is my favourite. It expresses so much of what I have inside, and it’s of light. Depth shows my love for seeking depth and showing details.

Streams & Flows (2019)

Dots of Light, Collage (2019)

Details - zooming in

Sometimes the close-ups are the best part. Can they excite you? 

Depth, Detail (2019)

Northern Sky, Collage (2019)

Fairy Lights, Collage (2019)

A few stories from behind the art

Rain of Light, from betweem 2018 and 2019, was one of my very first works. Learning the new tool of digital art, with the free program Krita, was like learning a new language. Beyond exciting. 

I drew G A L A X I E S_inside while in Lucca, Italy, at the end of July 2019. It was a time of too many tasks, too many expectations, tribulations and headcaches. This was the result when I expressed what I had inside. 

Before – after. Desert sea (2020). 

Do you like what you saw? Well, then reach out to me at and let me know. Or do youn want to build big things together? You know where to find me.