I’m going to tell you a story.

pencil and watercolours on paper, 2016

I’ve always had a passion for art. I probably never stopped drawing. Around two and a half years ago I started experimenting with new things. Then I stopped altogether but for the frequent, random doodles along the way and occasional drawings when abroad. (more in About)

Watercolors, Tbilisi and Mtskheta (2017)

And then I went digital.

Waves. Winds. Movement (2019, made with Canva)

Do you know Canva, the online program for graphic design? These are made with it among several others. A few months ago I just set myself the goal to find out how far I could go with the program in terms of art. In a free moment, after exams or difficult moment of some sort.

Out there (2019, made with Krita)

Then I discovered the (free) program Krita for digital painting, and totally fell in love with it. If you know any other cool programs to absolutely recommend or have inspiration, just don’t hesitate to contact me 🙂 And enjoy the gallery!

Skies (collage of 4 works, 2019, made with Krita)

I realized that colours are what I want to base my work on and that you’ve got tons of possibilities to work with them on your laptop.


Sea_mimimalist (2019)
Streams & flows (2019)
Pendance (2019)
Between art and photography. [Rome] (2019)
Depth (2019)

The above shows my love for seeking depth and showing details. I found digital art with a program like Krita to be perfect to express what I feel needs expression.

Depth, detail (2019)
Sea of ice (2019)
Summer in the bush (2019)

I love to combine art and design, draw with Krita, create collages and then put it all together in Canva. Zoom in and go further, with each time. As above. [Dots of light, August 2019]

Networks (2019)

Neadless to say, I love networks. And in an increasingly fragmented word, falling apart on all its ends, why not also draw networks and connections?

Blue fog (2019)
Remember Depth from above? This is a draft on the way to it 🙂
Sea_minimalist (collage, 2019)

Collages are an art of their own to me. A fitting and astonishing collage can be as worthy as the original piece of art and show incredible detail.

Surreal (2019)
Mess (2019)
Sunrise on the sea (2019)
Paling light (2019)
Northern Sky (2019)
Lost (2019)
Lost (2019)
Lost, collage (2019)
Growing (2019)
Tree (2019)

Above, two first drafts of the paintings Growing and Northern Sky. There’s always a long history of making-of behind every piece of digital art.

Grainfields (2019)

Grainfields is one of those paintings that gives me a feel of texture, as if I could touch and feel the scratchy grass, and sniffle the air in it.

Alone (2019)

The above is, again, one of my very first works with Krita.

Northern Sky, details (2019)
Gravity (2019)
Borders, everywhere (2019)
Sunrise (2019)
Prentending modern art (2019)

I wanted to make a messy, catchy, modern painting and the above happened. Don’t ask me what it represents.


Tree (2019)
Alight. Alive. (2019)
Rain of light (2019) [one of the first works]
Nature (2019)
Oriental (2019)
Modern (2019)

The above is a continuation of Oriental. An experiment. I don’t particularly like the style, but it gave me knew tools to work with.

Nebulosa (2019)
Yellow landscape (2019)

The above one was a mess at the start. So I went on til it fit and kind of just made sense. Seems like it wanted to become so full of yellow light.

No lines, no borders (2019)
Blues dans le sang, I. (2019)
Blues dans le sang, II. (2019)
Labyrinth (2019)
A star is born (2019)

Let’s be honest, A star is born is my favourite. It expresses so much of what I have inside, and it’s of light.


Abyss (2019)
Pathways (2019)
G A L A X I E S_inside (2019)

I drew G A L A X I E S_inside while in Lucca, Italy, at the end of July 2019. It was a time of too many tasks, too many expectations, tribulations and headcaches. This was the result when I expressed what I had inside.


Fairy lights (2019)
[…] (2019)

The one above I created in July 2019, by chance, while working on designs. I don’t have words to describe it.

Covered by stars (2019) [One of the very early works]
World in a flow (2019)
Leaves (2019)


Mess (2019)

The above one is a mess, yet an intricate one. Scroll up to the section Blue for another version of it.

In space (2019)

Both of the last ones are not the original painting itself but details of it.

A new day (2019)

A new day is one of those digital paintings that took so many layers to create. All along, I wasn’t sure where I was going with it and this must be the 10th version I saved. There are always so many possible turns to take when creating.

Framed (2019)

This one’s no painting, but just the first brushstrokes, the first steps towards the digital artwork A new day. There’s still something about the atmosphere it created that has gripped from the start.

What do you want? (2019)

Did I mention collages?
Here some of the highlights 🙂

Nothern Sky, collage(2019)
Rose, collage (2019)
Calm gusts, collage (2019)
Grainfields, collage (2019)
Depth, collage (2019)
Streams & flows, collage (2019)
Lost, collage (2019)
Nature (2019)
Lights, collage (2019)
Lost, collage II (2019)
Streams & flows, collage II (2019)
Sea of ice (collage, 2019)
A new day, collage (2019)
Universes (2019)
Collage of blues (2019)
Works, one more collage (2019)

Now it’s your turn. Which of the following ones do you prefer?

Transformed (2019)
Transformed, II (2019)

all pictures: (c) Adriana Bascone