Photography Archive

Nature photography, city and more. Photography archive from 2019.
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Tree [Kampinos national park, Warsaw University Library Roof Garden and Schoenbrunn Park in Vienna] (2018)
Sun & wind [Helsinki] (1.12018)
Balance [Lake Bracciano, Rome] (2018)
This is nature, don’t panic. It’s an insect “skin” left behind in the afternoon sun of a Roman spring. (2018)

above: Viennese streets (2019, collage) with a Canon 50mm 1:1.8

Light & dark [Vienna] (2018)
Breaking through [Poland, Vienna Schwedenplatz, Kahlenberg] (2017/18)
Pearl (2019)
Brown tones in Vienna (2017/18)
Furtive moments [Georgia, Brussels, Bologna]

above: Viennese streets (2019) with a Canon 50mm 1:1.8

Earth [Mallorca] (2017)
Lakeside & seasides (2017/18)

Synergy. Between photography and art. [colours on cardboard and seeds, Rome] (2019)
Thank you so much to my friends for all the inspiration and love from those roadtrips. Living in Poland made me the person I am today, along with everything that has happened since.

Where things grow [botanical garden in Vienna, Alpbach valley, Kampinos national park, Innsbruck] (2016/17)
After [Alpbach] (2017)

above: Green. Around Vienna. (2019) with a Canon 50mm 1:1.8

Green (2018, date unknown)
This one’s the connection between art & photography. Cause it’s both. [Rome] (2019)
Impro [drawing in ink and colours, Warsaw University Library Roof Garden, unknown] (2016, 2017, date unknown)
Winter [Vienna, Schoenbrunn] (2019)
Confused [Vienna] (2017)

Frost [Katowice] (2018)
Repair it! [Vienna] (2018)
Between history and future [Tbilisi, Georgia] (2017)
Shadows [Iran] (2018)
Passages [Iran] (2018)
Orange [Spain, NYC, Vienna] (2015-17)
Orange, II [Lake Bracciano, Etruscan Necropolis Banditaccia, Roma Trastevere, Vienna] (2018)
NYC (2015)
Boat in red. [Lake Bracciano, Rome] (2018)
Travelling [Louvain-la-Neuve, Brussels, Bruges]
Small shop in the Viennese city centre (2019) with a Canon 50mm 1:1.8

POLAND [Tykocin, Suraż]. (2017)
Light in Warsaw (2018)
[Riga, Vilnius] (2017)
7 a.m. [Zagreb] (2019)
Warsaw. Winter series. (2018)
Warsaw. Winter series, II. (2018)
Windows [Gdansk, Katowice, Vienna] (2017-19)

all pictures: (c) Adriana Bascone

I also take pictures at events. Here at the Climate Strikes by Fridays for Future Vienna. (picture rights: CC-SA Fridays for Future Vienna)

(March 15th 2019)
(taken on Dec 21st 2018)
(taken on Dec 21st 2018)
(January 2019)
(December 2018)

More pictures from events to be uploaded soon.