Make us feel part of something – reflections on art

Feeling small offers us the chance to connect compassion and bravery. In December 2021, I jogged through St.Petersburg’s snows and museums. And when I thought that I’d lost myself, I became a bit more of myself. Here is the artist in me speaking, writing in front the painting by Ivan Aivasovsky (1817-1900) that I sat taking in after a jog through the whole museum.

1# – I want depth. I want art to fill me with something so deep that I can only understand or fully feel with time. Deep knowledge of myself? I want it to be more than what it has ever been, maybe.

2# – I want to see forces not faces. But if it’s faces I want the true spirit of the person to come out, character instead of pose. And id I need to choose a drama I prefer the natural forces one to the one of personal circumstances. I want the spontaneity, stopping movement in time, Momentaufnahme. I like art that invites me to discover. And that’s out there, breathing fresh air.

3# – I like and want to make art that shows the human in its environment, that opens up space and horizons, that shows the non-human or even non-visible which we are so connected to. I don’t mind making art that makes us look small. It’s time we learnt that there’s much that we cannot control and the world is always bigger than we think.

I think that art can or should make us feel part of something.
My digital art is all about inspiring awe, being big, showing beauty, and bringing calm.

What is art to you?